In order to work effectively with industry, the Bank and FCA have established a governance and delivery framework for the joint transformation programme. 


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The work of the programme is carried out by two delivery groups: a Core Delivery Team and the Advisory Group. The programme is overseen by two committees: the Data Standards Committee and the Reporting Transformation Committee. 

A high level overview of the role of each of the committees and delivery groups, along with information about members (where appropriate), and participating firms can be found below. 

Further information on the role of the groups can be found in the Terms of Reference for the Governance and Delivery groups

Our committees are comprised of participants from reporting firms and trade associations. A list of participants, minutes of the committees, committee packs (where appropriate) and any other output created and published by the joint transformation programme will be published on this website. 

Third party suppliers to reporting firms will also be asked to contribute to the programme by means of workshops and requests for input processes. 

If you are interested to be involved in these and are not already on our mailing list please contact [email protected] 

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